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Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Wow. We were thrilled to have the book reviewed by Polly LaBarre (former editor of Fast Company and co-author of ‘Mavericks at Work’ amongst other impressive roles!)

What could be better than this?  How about what she had to say on the new ‘hacking management’ site ‘Mix‘, as follows…

“Rather than a Robin Leach-like celebration of slick palaces for the people, the book drives home a crucial lesson: organizations that aspire to create a singular identity in the marketplace have to design a signature approach to the workplace. It’s not about piling on the perks, it’s about communicating a unique set of values and embodying them in every nut and bolt. The real perk? That level of fidelity between who you say you are and how you actually behave exerts a magnetic appeal for customers and employees alike. The question the book raises is a great one for any leader: are you building the kind of organization where people walk in and ask, “Why can’t my company work this way?” ”

Read the full piece here.


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